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Jarrybio is a professional cat litter manufacturer, developed and produced wheat straw cat litter, biological waste cat litter, tofu cat litter, etc., Our products and services are: 

1. Cat litter sales, ODM/OEM. 

2. Technology cooperation (We can provide technical support based on local biological materials to building new production line). 

3. Sales of cat litter production line equipment. 

4. Pet cat peripherals electronics.

We hope we can create more valuable products together, give pets a nice home, and let you have comfortable and harmonious relationship.

We has been taking care of pets with innovative and top-quality products for many years, and own three facotries in China.
Our brand of UPETHOME is a 100 % China corporation that is a leader in the China market for pet care products. And we have obtained 5 patents 

We meticulously control every detail of the production process to comply with the strictest standards for quality and innovation

Jarry Biotechnology (Shen Zhen) Co.,Ltd

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